Following receipt of funding from Manx Mencap, Inclusion at The Farm is a programme developed to provide opportunities for young adults with disabilities to progress, develop employability skills and flourish.

We currently offer the following;

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The Enrichment Programme is for both new and current cohorts, aiming to encourage the participants to progress using practical experiences revolving around the running of the farm and seasonal tasks.

The Inspire Programme provides opportunity for new individuals to access The Farm, and will use seasonal projects to develop confidence, social skills and resilience.

The Learning Programme is for a new cohort, and is similar to the previous year.  This year the participants will works towards an Open Awards Certificate in Horticulture and Conservation.

The Supported Volunteering Programme is for the cohort A Learning Programme. This aims to provide an effective, supportive environment, promoting self-esteem, confidence and awareness whilst maintaining a supported work environment. This programme will concentrate on pre-employment skills, developing confidence and resilience.

The Development Programme is for cohort A, and aims to develop independence and self-confidence in a work environment, enabling the individuals to apply the skills developed from their first year of involvement at The Farm . The individuals on this programme will be supported to be more independent and will undertake farm projects.

Please note that each session has a nominal charge of £2.

For more information, please contact our Inclusion Officer, Llinos Ellis on 610540 or complete the form, below

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