Educational Programmes

On average, The Farm hosts 16 groups every school year across a range of ages and abilities. Our current client profile includes; primary and secondary school children; young adults currently classed as NEET; young people in residential care; newly adoptive families; Nurseries and After School Clubs and, young adults with disabilities.

The Community Farm offers educational programmes in the following framework:


Socialisation programmes focus on developing social interaction through a variety of activities including walks in the countryside, craft and growing plants. Developing team work and communication is a key focus of this programme, and provides opportunities for personal development through building confidence and self esteem.


Experiential programmes focus on providing opportunities to develop the 6Rs (Readiness, Relationships, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Remembering and Reflectiveness), whilst reconnecting with the countryside through Farm based activities. There are general learning outcomes for each group, including an increased understanding and appreciation of the countryside.


Learning programmes focus on achieving specific learning outcomes; based around agriculture, horticultural, and functional skills. Specific outcomes are developed for each group undertaking this programme and where appropriate nationally recognised Open Awards qualifications are undertaken.

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