About us

The Children’s Centre develops, manages, and pioneers a variety of community initiatives and services aimed at enabling children, young people and families to realise their full potential. We are an independent Manx charity – undertaking our own projects and working with others – to put children, young people and families first.

The Community Farm

As part of The Children Centre, The Community Farm is unique on the Isle of Man, and provides a nurturing and educational environment, helping people grow whilst reconnecting with the countryside.

On average, The Farm hosts 16 groups every school year across a range of ages and abilities. The Community Farm will continue to develop and evolve with time – from the establishment and maintenance of sound farm infrastructure whilst incrementally introducing farm animals and growing space, to the development of a robust educational programme and reporting process as our client base develops. Our current client profile includes; primary and secondary school children; young adults currently classed as NEET; young people in residential care; newly adoptive families; Nurseries and After School Clubs and, young adults with disabilities. In addition we host supported volunteer and work placements alongside regular volunteering opportunities for the wider community.

We currently utilise two polytunnels, a vegetable patch, a herb garden and a conservation area alongside sheep, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, cats and a dog. These are integrated into a naturally sustainable land management systems, which draw on organic and Permaculture principles. Our educational programmes are built around these resources, providing both a therapeutic and experiential learning environment.

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